Canon printers can print unlimited number of copies as per your needs, but have you ever thought how much money you spend on printer only to print document. Buying a Canon printer involves onetime cost but buying ink cartridges and paper increases your budget of printing. But there are few useful tips given below that you can follow and save ink on Canon printer.

Print Only Necessary Documents

Wasting ink on printing unnecessary document is not a good practice. Print documents only you needed and if you need large number of copies for reading you can use eBooks or other portable devices. You can convert whole document into PDF and upload on cloud storage to make it available anywhere or take help of Canon printer support to save in other formats.


Print in Draft Mode to Save Ink

Put your Canon printer on draft mode to print document with low ink consumption. Draft mode is suitable for Inkjet printers as print cartridge spry single layer compare to multiple layers in normal mode. In “Draft mode printers makes a single pass and moves to the next text line. However, at the time of needs anytime you can switch to normal or bold printing mode.

Use Black Ink and Avoid Colored Printing

Color inks are costlier than black one, hence, you should avoid printing documents in multiple colors. Black & white printing needs lesser amount of inks to print a document. Printing photos of high resolution images consumes extra volume of inks, so you should avoid such prints. To set your printer on black & white mode you can take Canon printer help on your desk.

Use Toner Saver Mode to Save Ink

Nowadays most of the advance printers have inbuilt technology to run on toner save mode that consumes less amount of ink on every print. Check the settings and turn on it on Eco-friendly mode to save ink that will reduce overall cost of printing. If you not find these settings, just call to Canon printer customer support and get online assistance to use this feature efficiently.