Brother printers give outstanding performance when run without any error. Users consistently take out documents without checking the health conditions of their printer and such careless use can create unexpected issues and your printer might stop printing. But if you carry out a repair & maintenance process regularly, you can avoid such unexpected errors. Below you can check few tips given for repair & maintenance of Brother Printers that would help to enhance its life.

Check & Clean Printer Heads

Cleaning process helps to remove blockages from the printing nozzles. When you check nozzles, it would also indicate if cleaning of printer head is required. Open the ink cartridge of printer and use soft cotton and electronic item cleansing chemical to clean the head. Brother printer support can also help to run self-cleaning option to clean heads automatically.

Replace Toner Cartridge When Needed

Using Brother Printers without ink will damage its nozzle or printer heads. Hence, you should always check ink and replace the cartridge timely to avoid major setbacks. To know the suitable time for replacing the cartridge keep watching the print quality and ink density, if it became blurred, then you need to replace the toner cartridge with the new one.

Check and Update the Printer Driver

If your printer becomes old, you need to check the latest driver available in the market for your model of printers. To ensure the proper functionality of your printer take online help of Brother Printer technical support and check the driver, if new version arrives, get updated quickly to avoid blockage of nozzles else replacing of the same would be more costlier for you.

Adjusting Alignment of Printer Heads

After using printer for certain period of time, the alignment of printer might get displaced from its original place that can affect the printing alignment on papers. You can check alignment through nozzle test that will indicate the lines and colors if out of margins or a banding appears on the sheet after printing the document, it means you need a brother printer setup to reset the alignment of printer to get properly line up documents without any error.