Printers are all in one device that provides us with precise imaging and written prints. The multifunction printers available can print, scan, fax, all together from one device.Still,The high resolution and sound quality of the device are capturing hearts worldwide. These all-in-one printers are a great money-saver, with functions that work best from home, offices and other professional arenas. Unlike all other device, all-in-one printers also lack smooth performance and gives way to glitches that time after time creates trouble for the users. To troubleshoot the scanner on an all-in-one printer, you need to follow a simple procedure which will benefit you by enhancing your productivity.

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Troubleshoot the Scanner on an All-in-One Printer

Before opting to troubleshoot the scanner issues in your all-in-one printer, you need to know the problems that your printer might come up with. The common issues with your device are listed below:

  1. Connection problems which are the most common errors caused due to poor connection. This happens due to lack of connection or weak signal.
  2. Paper jams which happens often when the device is not maintained frequently. It needs to be cleaned and get rid of its residue on a regular basis.
  3. Poor image quality which happens due to lack of calibration. This leads to blurry and unclear images.
  4. Other job queue issues which happen when there is lack of space in your printer.

Steps to follow while troubleshooting your scanner issues.

There are various issues which your all-in-one printer can come up with. These issues need fixes at the right time. Following these steps to resolve some of the problems that you face.

  1. Checking the power should be the first option in resolving issues related to the scanner in your printer. Most of the times, power buttons are switched off, or some of the cords or cables are plugged out which results in discontinuation of the printer.
  2. Refresh the memory and eliminate any issues related to operations. Highlight any missing set in the scanning process of the operating manual and scan again.
  3. Verify the correct position of the document you want to scan. Clean it if necessary with a damp cloth and scan again. This might eliminate your issue.
  4. Checking the scanning optimization setting is necessary. Make sure that you have selected the right option available for your scan.
  5. Having the right computer destination is essential for a network. Check the cables that connect you to the system.
  6. You must at all times keep the device manager on while scanning. This is important is some all-in-one printers.

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