A printer is an external hardware which is used to accept graphic output and text from a PC and then transfers them on paper. Usually, printers vary in speed, cost and size. Canon printers are widely used for their easy accessibility. In spite of exclusive and advanced features, you might face glitches and often you are too confused to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Problems.

Troubleshoot Canon Printer Problems

Effective Steps to Troubleshoot Canon Printer problems:

Canon printers run reliably for many years but they also stop working during printing sessions. Have a look at some probable printer issues:

  • Paper jamming: It is a common printer problem that you might face. Dirt or wrong paper type are mainly responsible for this. So you need to clean your printer periodically and you have to use correct paper type.
  • Having error message: You will receive error message if there is an issue with the power supply.
  • Your PC can’t recognize your printer: Sometimes, your device won’t be able to recognize the correct printer to print.
    Select correct printer from control Panel
  • Your Canon printer won’t print: If your printer is not functioning properly, then you have to check its toner cartridges or the ink. Always try to use a USB cable if you have a wireless printer.
  • Problematic software driver: You might encounter software issues with your software driver. You should uninstall and reinstall it to avoid such glitches.

If you are having such issues with your Canon printer, get an expert’s support to solve it.

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