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come to the right place. Brother produces excellent printers with the use of advanced technology. However, a user might face some trouble while running the printer. These issues occur due to misuse of the device and replacement of parts with cheap ones. You can fix your printer issues by connecting with our technical expert team that is working day and night. Our helpline is always active for our customers.


Steps to follow to  Fix troubleshoot a brother printer issues:

Troubleshoot a Brother Printer


Step 1: Check the printer for any paper jams or blockages, and remove any that exist.


Step 2: Go to the printer’s control box. Double click on the printer, select any print jobs and select “Delete.” Your print jobs in the queue will get deleted.


Step 3: Unplug and switch off the printer. Wait for 30 seconds and turn the printer back on.


Step 4: Close all your programs and restart your computer or laptop. If not working, shut down the computer and wait a few seconds.


Step 5: Select the “Add Printer Wizard” and add the printer again to start printing without any trouble.


Step 6: Download the latest drivers from Brother’s website and finding the latest driver visions. Delete any print jobs in the queue. Delete any print jobs in the queue.


Step 7: Configure the system once again. If you are using a wireless printer, check for the Wi-Fi connectivity.


Once you find out the correct issue with your printer, you will be able to troubleshoot a Brother printer issue with proper tools.


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