Complete guide to Install USB Printer to A Wireless Router. Most of the people these days have access to multiple computers. Whether it’s a laptop in one room or even a desktop PC in another, they both will surely need access to a printer. Sharing a printer can be sometimes a complex task to setup, and the host PC on the other hand will always be needed for any other computers to print to it. According to Epson Printer Technical Support experts, one of the greatest solutions is simply to add a wireless printer to the network. If a user is working with an existing printer, they can easily turn printer into a wireless mode by hooking it up to a wireless print server section. A print server is defined as a tiny box which easily has capability to connect to the printer by allowing it to be visible and accessed by other devices in the home as well.

Install USB Printer to Wireless Router

Steps to Prepare A USB Printer to Wireless- Troubleshoot

Here one really don’t have to be a network guru to proceed with the installation phase of the print server. Print servers usually are available with a CD drive which allows people to set up and configure it. There are a few things that need to be considered while setting up of wireless printer.

Step 1: Working with plug in process

  • Plug in the print server into the printer with the help of a USB cable.
  • If users wish to put the printer on the wired network then also they are advised to plug an Ethernet cable into the back of it.
  • Plug in the power cable thereafter to easily proceed with the process.

Step 2:  Working with the SSID

  • Insertion of the CD drive right into a computer on the network is an essential phase as advised by Epson Printer Repair & Support professionals and then setup the screen to launch it easily.
  • Users are requested to put the SSID name of the router which will be the name you will see while accessing the router over WiFi.

Step 3: Working with DHCP feature

  • For easy process, users are requested to allow it to obtain an IP address via DHCP. More experienced users can easily opt to assign an IP address to the printer.
  • When asked, select the Infrastructure Mode icon instead of Ad Hoc.

Step 4: Analyzing the PC

  • Users need to go around each PC and then run the CD which was assigned with the print server. The software will then install a driver for the print server which will make visible the printer on the network. Once the print driver is installed, simply run it by going to the Start menu and then select the All Programs icon.

Step 5: Printer driver option

  • If users did not already have access to the printer installed in their computer, then they might need to obtain printer drivers from the printer manufacture.
  • One can easily make almost any printer wireless. They just need to get the correct print server for the printer.

As of now, your printer issues have been completely resolved but we still recommend you to get in touch with our Epson Printer Customer Support Number +1-800-283-2149 for any related queries.

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