Get the efficient and reliable Setup Google Cloud Print from Epson Wireless Printer effortlessly. We first must understand the concept of cloud computing. It is a technology that enables the users to work independently through computing resources available by Epson Printer Help via remote. For example, Google and Microsoft provide cloud computing services that can be accessed from anywhere using internet connection. Cloud computing therefore helps users to access their data from any location at any time.

What is Cloud Printing?

Modern smartphones and tablets have replaced Laptops and computer when it comes to user-friendliness. As when its time of smartphone users you can also get the documents printed from anywhere with the Cloud technology being favored so much. The best cloud printing offered is Google Print Service. Using this, one can print directly from their smartphones over Wi-Fi.

Google Cloud Print is a technology which not only working with Epson Printer but also with all other models of brand printers, and a ton of applications. With your Android smartphone or tablet, you can get the documents printed securely and efficiently.

How Google Cloud printing works?

Google Chrome acts as a go-between for your printer and Google Cloud Print. When you are printing anything or something from your mobile via Google Cloud Print, you can actually send the data from your mobile device to the Google Cloud Print, which forwards it to Google Chrome, which in turn tells your PC to print the document on the attached printer. In order to get the print done via Cloud Print, always make sure that your PC, smartphone or mobile or tablet is connected to the Internet, that you are logged in to your Google account in Google Chrome, and that your printer is on.

How to use Google Cloud Printing on Your Epson Printer:

Step 1: Download the cloud print and then install and launch it.

Step 2: If you are using android 4.4x or above, then there is no need to do this.

Step 3: Set up the Google Account that you have registered on Google print.

Step 4: Select any file to print from your device

Step 5: A list of registered printer will be shown. Choose the one you want.

Step 6: Now tap the paper place icon and there you go. Your printout is ready.

If you want to print any webpage, then it is also very simple by mention steps or call to our Epson Printer Support team for online steps. You just have to the android browsers menu and then click on share. Get the Print done when you are registered on the Cloud Print. Please get in touch with our technical support team and will receive online remote technical help service for Epson Printer Support to get any and all technical issues fixed on time.