HP has introduced many stylish printers that are not only affordable but also have a user-friendly interface. The devices are famous for unmatched product quality. HP is one of the oldest brand offering valuable services to its customers for many years. Are you an HP printer user? Need help to resolve your HP Printer Won’t Turn on issues? You have hit the right link to get assistance. Scroll down and note the essential solutions that have been provided for you.

How to resolve HP Printer Won’t Turn on issues?

Printer issues include power problems, which can be challenging especially if you are trying to print essential documents. Several factors can cause the printer start-up issues including hardware problems. Through trial and error, you can determine what is causing the problem with your HP printer.

  • Plug the printer’s power cable in the power outlet. Press the printer’s power button and wait for the power light indicator to start blinking. If the LED light does not flash, press the button once again. Don’t hold down the power button for too long; it might power on and then turn off.


  • Disconnect the printer from the power outlet and check for any visible damages. Detach the power module from the printer. Connect the power cable into the power outlet and check if the green light on the power module lights up.


  • Unplug the USB connector placed at the back of the printer, and then turn on the printer. If the printer gets started without the USB cable, then your USB cable is faulty and must be replaced.


  • Plug the power cord into the power outlet. Ensure that the power cable is appropriately attached to the power module. If the printer still does not power on, try plugging the power cable into another power outlet. If the printer powers at this time, the problem is with the power outlet.

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