The most advanced Epson inkjet printers such as Stylus 4000 and 7800 require a maintenance tank to absorb the excess ink which is being released during the printing process. Epson Maintenance Tank is used for keeping the printer parts clean and helps in maintaining optimal performance of your device.

Reset an Epson Maintenance Tank

If your printer’s maintenance tank is not keeping track of the excess ink, contact our professionals to Reset an Epson maintenance tank.

Avail Exceptional Support Service For Reset an Epson Maintenance Tank

Epson printers keep a record of how much printing has been done to determine when new maintenance tanks are required. In case you have replaced your Epson printer’s maintenance tank and your device is asking for a new one, you need to reset the maintenance tank counter. It is very necessary to reset the maintenance tank eventually since it will overflow and create a mess out of your printing session. You can follow some of the basic steps to reset the maintenance tank of your Epson printers manually.

Follow these simple steps to reset the Epson printers maintenance tank:

  • Connect your power cable by turning off your Epson professional printer
  • You should now hold down the arrow keys [left, up and down] next to your printer’s display at the same time
  • Turn the printer on by pressing the power button. Once your printer reaches the “Ready” state, release the arrow keys
  • Find the “Clear Counters” menu by using the up and down arrow keys.
  • Tap the right arrow key to enter this “clear counter” menu
  • Now find the option “Maintenance tank” from the menu and press right arrow key to reset the maintenance tank counter
  • At last, restart the printer and the printer’s maintenance tank counter is reset to default state.

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