Chip on a printer cartridge is used to monitor the reserves and levels of the current toner cartridge. This chip is located on a small circuit board and has memory to store information. It helps to communicate with the PC and provides a warning when any issues arise.

Cartridge, Reset the Chip on an Epson 69 Printer Cartridge

To avoid this problem, you need to reset the chip on an Epson 69 printer cartridge.

How to Reset the Chip on an Epson 69 Printer Cartridge?

It stores information about the estimated ink level.Installation and expiry date, etc. Whenever it malfunctions, you need to reset the chip on an Epson 69 printer cartridge correctly. Apply the steps given below to reset the chip on your printer cartridge.

  • Position the Epson 69 cartridge in a way so that gold contacts are facing the metal pins on the chip resetter.
  • Press the Epson 69 cartridge into the resetter, so the contacts are connected to the gold leads.
  • Hold the cartridge in place.
  • After the green LED on the resetter becomes steady, release the cartridge from the Epson chip.
  •  If still you are unable to reset the chip, reach our executives for other additional solutions.

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