Canon printers offer quality printing for the comfort of both home and office use. However, when you receive an error code 005 on your Canon printer ip2770, it can be a very frustrating situation. If your printer is not properly installed or its cable connector has been damaged, you might get this error code. In case, you want to reset  Canon printer ip2770 error code 005, you can connect with our support team for detailed assistance.

Process To Reset Canon Printer ip2770 Error Code 005

Except this, your Canon printer can also display Error Code 504. This error usually occurs when no ink is flowing from the cartridge or when the cartridge is empty. Sometimes, it is displayed because when you tried to insert a new cartridge, the printer looks to run a default cleaning process and since this time, if it finds no ink at the print head, it will report error B504.

Steps to resolve Canon printer Error Message B504:

⦁    You should unplug the power cord in a careful manner and open the front cover. Manually move the print head cart to the location of cartridge replacement

⦁    The cartridge which you wish to change, place your index finger above it and you will get to listen the clicking sound and the cartridge will eject

⦁    In a similar way, change the other cartridge

⦁    Close the printer cover after replacing the cartridge. Now plug in the power cord and restart the printer for normal use.

Users often encounter error code 005 in their Canon printer ip2770 due to some mechanical faults in them.  Also if the PC didn’t support the system requirements or the printer cable connector has been damaged, you receive this error. To resolve this error code, you should uninstall the printer software and then reinstall again. Clean the cable connectors plug and mount it properly. Also, check the system requirements to resolve this error message.

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