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Repair a 933 Printhead Error T640

With the invention of printers, completing paper work was no more a challenge. Due to awesome features of printer, it is preferred by public, private as well as educational sectors. Lexmark International, Inc. is an American company which is renowned for the manufacturing of laser printers, imaging products, etc.

Brilliant ways to repair printhead error: Experience Improved print quality

Despite the unmatched performance of Lexmark printers Repair , users might not be able to use the device due to common errors. The appearance of error codes and messages is a common issue. As you know, your Lexmark printer comprises of several internal hardware components and software. These components might stop working properly with regular usage. One such problem that frustrates the users is the appearance of 933 Printhead error T640. Are you unable to Repair a 933 Printhead Error T640? Do not fail to seek help from our experts

Take a look at the following steps for repairing a 933 Printhead error T640:

When users receive frequent error codes and messages, it indicates that their printer is unable to perform desirably. Printhead error 933 occurs when the prints are faded. Such error occurs due to a loose cable inside the printer. Below is a list of steps that might serve your purpose:

  • Users need to hold the power until their Lexmark printer turns off completely. After that, users need to open a text document and check if the printing issue is resolved.
  • In case the above step does not solve the problem, users need to turn off their printers and unplug the power cable. After that, users need to push the latch and pull down the lower plastic door
  • Press the release latch inside the top plastic door and lift the door upward
  • Loosen the screw of their printers and check to ensure that the cable is seated properly or not

Finally, put the printer to its original position by tightening the screws

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