It can be really annoying if you receive Printer not Activated Error Code 20, right in the middle of an important printing task. The error code-20 generally occurs when you get stuck because of your printer which is not activating when it is attached to your PC or laptop. However, many users even get this error when they are trying to upgrade their Windows OS to Windows 7 from versions like Vista or XP. There can be multiple reasons why your device is showing this error, but a professional printer expert can figure it out much easily and quickly. So, if your device is displaying this printer inactivation error, consult Printer Support technicians to resolve this issue.

Printer Not Activated Error Code 20

Printer Not Activated Error Code 20 Reasons

As mentioned in the introductory part, many devices are showing this printer not activated error code 20 when the users are upgrading it to another version of Windows. This can also occur, as the new Windows OS removes certain software configuration keys from the device registry settings.

Your PC may display this inactive printer error if the key entries in registry settings are not updated during the upgrade. So, if your printer was using a specific key in the device’s internal settings, it will not work anymore after applying Windows updates. Hence, the outdated updates of Windows can be another reason behind generating printer error 20.

If you are a user who has upgraded your system to Windows 7, 8 or Windows 10, this error may occur due to incompatible printer drivers. So, if you don’t resolve it with proper troubleshooting methods, you may get this error while printing pdf files.

In case you can’t identify the reason for your device to show printer not activated error code 20, consult Printer Support professionals to resolve it.

Ways To Resolve  Printer Not Activated Error Code 20

Before applying the troubleshooting steps to resolve this error code-20, you may notice these following device details so that the resolving becomes easier:

  • Model and specifications of your printing device
  • Applications you prefer for printing PDF file
  • Latest updates installed for Windows 10
  • Current version and specifications of Windows device

The reason for noting down these details is to find the accurate instructions for resolving inactive printer error message. Since every printer model is different, hence mentioning the technical specifications on your device can make the troubleshooting easier. You can also contact Printer Support experts to help you to eliminate the issues with the printer not activated error code 20. Also, mention these above noted down details while making a call to Printer Support technicians to remove printer error code-20.

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Troubleshooting steps to resolve printer inactivation error code-20

Method 1 – Using Default Printer Setting

Use ‘Control Panel’ to go to ‘Devices and Printer’ section, then right click to ‘set as default printer’. Restart device to save changes.

Method 2 – Using Device Manager for re-installing USB composite device

Type ‘devmgmt.msc’  in Win+R to go to ‘USB composite device’ and uninstall it. Select OK or Yes and reconnect again for ‘print test page’.

Method 3 – Running the printer troubleshooting option

Choose to troubleshoot from Control Panel and go to printer section to run the resolve process.

Method 4 – By fixing registry settings

Type ‘regedit’ in Win+R to select ‘permissions’ under HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG\Software option. Run this as an administrator and it may fix inactive printer error code 20.

Contact Printer Support For Printer Inactivation Error Code 20

If you are getting a printer not activated error code 20 pdf, reach Printer Support technical team for advanced troubleshooting solutions to resolve this issue. HP Printer Support team has highly qualified technically trained printer experts and certified professionals to provide best printer support services. To contact Printer Support for technical advice on printer error code-20, follow any of the following links given below.

Printer Helpline Number

Make a direct call at and resolve your technical queries on printer related issues including the error code 20.

Printer Email Address

You may drop an email at Printer Support official email ID [….] to get a quick response for your printer issues.

Printer Chat Portal

You can even place chat queries on technical issues through online chat facility from Printer Support.