With passing days, new electronic devices are evolving to reduce the workload of users. One such invention that has proved to be beneficial for the users is the introduction of printers. With the help of this device, completing paperwork is no more a challenge. Due to the diverse use of printers, it is preferred by the public, private as well as educational sectors. Users can easily use a printer and print their desirables from computers, iPhones, etc.

Users might be new to technology and hence they are unaware of the methods of printing from their device. Are you confused about ways to print from iPhone without wifi Relax! Let us provide you with insight. Our experts provide you with detailed steps that can help you to print easily without WiFi.

Print from iphone Without WiFi

Quick steps to print from your iPhone without WiFi:

When users are unable to print from their iPhone, their work is hampered and their efficiency is restricted. If you are thinking that there is no solution for your query, you are wrong. Below is a list of steps that might make your work easy. It is recommended not to miss any of the steps in the specific order to print perfectly from your iPhone without a WiFi:

Before performing the following steps, users need to make sure that their iOS device is running on iOS4 or later versions. Also, you need to have a Windows personal computer, wired printer and WiFi connection.

  • Download the printer pro lite application and make sure it is compatible with your printer as this application does not work with every printer
  • Start your PC or Mac to ensure that your WiFi is connected
  • Download the desktop application from http://support.readdle.com/ppd/

After following the above steps, users can easily resolve their printing doubts. Additionally, we provide you with steps to print from iPad with USB cable. Hence, stay in touch with us for affordable printer support.

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