A printer is an electronic device which plays a significant role in your life. Be it offices, homes or educational institutions, the importance of printers cannot be denied. It helps you in lightening the heavy load of paperwork and making a presentation within a little span of time. You can always keep a hard copy backup of all your important data in case your computer or laptop crashes. Keeping hard copies reduce the chances of data loss. A printer is capable of printing from computers, laptops, mobiles as well as iOS devices.

Are you aware of the consequences if you are unable to Print from iPhone or iPad The consequences are severe and can make the purpose of your printer useless? Users might be unaware of the printing procedures via various devices. But printing issues are not a big deal for our tech experts.  Our team of executives helps you out in the best possible way. Hence, reaching us is mandatory. 

Print from iPhone or iPad

Follow the steps for a premium printing experience from iPad or iPhone:

Users would never want to deteriorate their printing experience. Hence, it is necessary to know about the detailed procedures for printing from iPad or iPhone. Do not skip any of the steps mentioned below:

Before performing the steps, users need to confirm that their printer should support AirPrinter and their iOS device and printer are connected to the same WiFi network

  • Open the application that you want to print from
  • Find the print option and tap the application’s share icon
  • Tap on print
  • Tap select printer and choose an AirPrint-enabled printer
  • Choose the number of copies
  • Tap print

The steps are simple and should serve your purpose. If you are still not able to print, services are always available to you. Grab the opportunity of contacting us.

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Ping us urgently

Users can contact us by calling at our Printer Support Number if you are unable to follow the steps mentioned earlier. Additionally, get tips from us for better printing results.