Epson printers are one of the best printers available in the market which are easily accessible by users across the world. It is annoying for anyone who wants to refill the cartridges or want to use bulk ink. It also prevents people from using old cartridges full of solvent for cleaning the print heads. If your chip is not detecting the amount of ink, you can make your own Epson chip resetter by using a paper clip.

Make Your Own Epson Chip Resetter

Epson printers build extra sockets so that you can see the predicted level of ink that has been used by your computer PC. When the chips inform the printer that you have used enough ink and the cartridge is empty. The printer software alerts the user by giving a warning and will refrain you from printing.

Steps To Make your Own Epson Chip Resetter:

⦁    You need to grasp an end of a metal paper clip and then bend it outward. The end which is to be grasped should be at 90-degree angle from the rest of the paper clip.

⦁    Now you should remove the ink cartridge from your Epson printer and look at the bottom of the cartridge. You will now see a chip with a small hole underneath.

⦁    After that, insert the end of the paper clip into the hole and press it down. Then, remove the paper clip.

⦁    Finally, you can insert the print cartridge back into the print head and continue with the normal printing process.

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