The American company Lexmark International Inc. was founded in 1997. It is famous across the world for manufacturing top-class imaging products and laser printers. These printers are designed for offices and business setup, fit for all small, big or large enterprises. One of the important aspects of the Laser printer is the Toner, a special type of ink used as a powder mixture. The genuine Lexmark Toner and ink cartridges deliver best image quality with a long durability. But, with continued usage, you might face issues like Lexmark E260DN Toner Light Flashing, on your device. We present solutions for all Lexmark Toner Light Flashing errors, with excellent technical support and customer care services. Give us a call, whenever you need help.

How Works Lexmark E260DN Toner Light Flashing

Ultimately, Being a Lexmark Toner E260DN user, you may have faced the problems of Toner Lights starting to flash. If the lights remain on or keep blinking, it means the ‘Toner Is Low’ in the printer. You have to install a new toner cartridge and reset the printer.

Follow these easy steps to resolve Toner Low issue on your Lexmark printer :

  • Firstly, ensure that you have a brand new toner cartridge at hand to replace in the printer and then try to reset the device.
  • Open the front cover by switching off the printer. Replace the old toner cartridge with the new one.
  • Press the two buttons beneath the front cover and keep holding them while turning the device on again.
  • When you find that the bottom lights are glowing steadily, release the two buttons and your printer would be reset.
  • If the toner lights keep blinking, it means that the Photo-conductor in your device needs to be replaced.

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