OneNote is an application that comes packed with office 2007 and 2010. It organizes the note in your notebooks in a very systematic way by creating sections and adding multiple pages. Upon installing the office application, OneNote automatically sets itself to default printer option. OneNote, with its specific features and fast performance, is considered one of the best, but it also has its drawbacks which irritate users. To install a OneNote printer driver, you need to go through some of the simple steps.


Issues with installation of OneNote printer driver in your system.

Install a OneNote Printer Driver

Before you can opt to install a OneNote printer driver, you must know the issues you might come across while doing so.

  1. OneNote fails to open in your computer due to the system being unable to support the driver.
  2. It stops working due to some software bugging issues which can be solved by reinstalling OneNote again.
  3. It fails to sync which disables you from viewing your notes.
  4. OneNote error codes might crop up due to corrupt user files.
  5. Other error messages that might appear due to slow internet connection or no connection at all.
  6. Crashing of the driver which also happens due to corrupted users files.


Follow these steps to install OneNote printer driver.

For installing  OneNote printer driver, you need to follow these simple steps. This will help you to get access to the fantastic features of OneNote.

  1. You need to go to control panel which is available in the Windows start option.
  2. Go to add and remove programs and programs features or uninstall a program of the control panel and select the same.
  3. Click on the Microsoft program entry and then you need to click on change option.
  4. Click on the repair radio button and click continue. Wait for a green progress meter at the bottom of the window and a screen message that will notify the repair progress. Click the close button and click yes to restart the computer.

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