HP printer is a global brand which manufactures some of the best printers on the market. Despite the awesome features of HP printers, users come across several issues while continuing with their printing session. False paper jam issue is the most common problem of HP printers. Hence, if you need assistance to HP Printer False Paper Jam Error, contacting us is your ideal decision.

Hp Printer False Paper Jam Error

Take a look at the following steps required to solve your printing problem:

Irrespective of the type of error, it is very annoying and can frustrate users to a great extent. We strive to deliver the best services for such error, you can some of these easy steps to follow:

Check for jammed paper,

  • Check for the jammed paper from a particular printer area

If the problem is not resolved, perform the next steps.

Ensure that the carriage can move freely,

  • Turn on your printer
  • Open the access door of the ink cartridge
  • Before continuing with your printing session, wait until the carriage is idle
  • Check for a paper that might be restricting the carriage and remove any kind of obstacle if present

If you are unsuccessful in getting the desired printing results, follow the next steps.

Clean paper feed rollers,

  • Switch off your printer and disconnect the power cord
  • Elevate the input tray
  • Look down for any kind of gray paper pick rollers using a flashlight
  • Remove the accumulated dust particles with a clean cloth
  • Reconnect the power cord and cables to the rear of the printer and finally turn on the printer

The procedures mentioned above should be sufficient to resolve your problem. In case if you are still facing problem due to HP printer false paper jam error, taking guidance from our tech experts would be the best solutions.

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Reach us immediately

Our executives have in-depth knowledge about the printing fundamentals, and hence it is easy for us to deal with these issues. According to our experienced team members, false paper jamming issues occur due to improper installation or spooler errors. Therefore, we try resolving them from the root. For further assistance, our HP Printer Customer Service is open throughout to attend to your queries. Additionally, we provide you with door to door service and maintain the privacy of the data you provide us with.