Common Printer Issues are assembled with complex set of hardware and software configurations that sometimes create problem while in use. But there are so technical problems related with printers that can be fixed to reinstate this device again in original state. Below find few printer troubleshooting tips to fix Epson Printer common errors.

Steps to Troubleshoot Common Printer Issues?

If Printer Not Able to Print

When a printer is not able to print a document, you need to find out the actual problem causing such error. First start with checking the connection error, examine the driver settings, default printer settings and wireless connection setup. If anything not as per the recommended settings you can get help of printer technical support service.

Printer Running at Slow Speed

All printers not have same speed, laser printer run comparatively faster than inkjet printers. But if your printer is running at slower than usual speed, check spooler and other settings that can affect its speed. Printers has automatic duplexer that allows both sides printing and if your printer set at dual side printing mode it will run slow.

Printer Facing Paper Jam Issue

This is one of the most common issues, that also waste paper sheet every time it stuck while printing a document. Basically, when a paper jam occurs, a warning message comes or flash light becomes red or orange with the beep sound to indicate users. You can easily remove paper by opening printer cover and make sure paper in tray kept in aligned manner. If you still face issue call a technician to reinstall printer setup.

Printer Running out of Ink

Many times when ink cartridge dried-up there is no more enough ink left in the cartridge, then you will get out of ink error message. If you use third-party ink instated of original branded manufacturer, you can face ink related various problems. Low quality inks dried up easily and clogged nozzles creates a problem while printing. Clean the printer head with soft cotton and never use cheaper quality ink to avoid such issues.

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The Quality of Prints Not Good

When the quality of printing text not acceptable, it means there is dirt accumulated at nozzle or you ink cartridge is going to end up soon. Open the ink cartridge chamber and check printer head and nozzle, if it is not clean or smeared with dried ink or dust particles, clean the same with soft cotton or call the printer repair service provider who will diagnosis the whole device and check other settings to get a good quality prints.