Projectors are a very important device in every educational institute, office and business association. It helps to conduct seminars, presentations, group discussions, workshops and every other gathering of a purpose. Epson, as one of the world’s largest imaging company, has excelled in manufacturing great quality projectors. But, at times, several issues might occur in the Epson projectors. Still, We understand how embarrassing it would be for you to contemplate how to Troubleshoot an Epson Projector when it malfunctions in front of a crowd. Don’t let minor technical difficulties hamper your brand reputation.

Troubleshoot an Epson Projector

Try the following troubleshoots for troublesome Epson projector:

  • Overheating issues: if there is an orange light flashing in your projector, there must be a temperature problem. Your device must be overheated. If you don’t do anything about it, your device will shut down automatically to avoid damage from overheating. A red light will indicate that the internal lamp is burned out. In this scenario, you should leave your Epson projector to cool down. Make sure that your device has proper air flow. Dust the internal fans every once in a while.
  • Lost signal or no image displayed: If your projector has gone into standby mode, press the standby button to wake it up. Check if the cable connections aren’t loose. You can also check if the image file type and image source are correct. While using a laptop you might need to press and hold the Fn+Monitor key.
  • Blurry or tainted image quality: If your projection image quality is blurry or unclear, you need to adjust the focus several times to make the reflection quality look desirable. If nothing helps, remove and reattach video cable.

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