Canon Printer Common Problems arise due to many reasons which are difficult to find out for a common man. Printer installation issue, paper jam, connection problem, printing issue, printing quality issue and other unexpected errors are major problems affect the productivity of Canon printers. Not all of them but here below you can find solution of few common problems of Canon printer.

How to Deal with Paper Jam?

It is most common problem among the printer users. Actually when a paper is stuck in the roller and not moves in any direction, it means paper is jammed and you need to stop your printer and manually remove that sheet. In Canon printer if a paper is jammed, an alarm in orange color flashed indicating the paper jam error. When you remove paper check carefully for any slice of paper not left inside the printing area of printer.

Steps to Solve Canon Printer Common Problems?


Canon Printer Common Problems

Network Connection Problem

After printer installation on your printer on a server computer when your try to share your printer on network you may face technical problems that can arise due to improper configuration and settings. Enter SSID or network key properly, make sure admin access password, check wireless or LAN connections and cables. At this stage you need help of expert providing canon printer technical support for printer networking.

Driver Installation and other Issues

Canon printer driver should be installed with latest version and if there is any issue it should be repaired timely to avoid any major breakdowns. Canon printer driver installation is a little critical task you need help of experts who will choose the right version as per the model and type of your printer. You can also repair your printer driver if it is not supporting the printing process or showing unexpected errors at the time of printing.

Unsatisfactory Printing Quality

If the print output by Canon printer is not acceptable, means prints are like uneven, smudged or misaligned then you need to check and reset the printing setting. Select the right paper size, set printing quality at high level and make sure to choose the right layout and adjust border margins at optimum levels. To set all these settings setup canon printer with the help of computer technicians having right knowledge in the same field.