Printing a document on both sides not only saves paper cost but also makes easier for users to carry large number of transcript on paper sheets. Nowadays publications like newsletters, postcards and broachers are published or printed on both sides of printing technology.

You can also enable your printer for duplex printing to minimize your paper cost and maximize the utility of printing solution. If you don’t know how to set printer for double sided printing, read below the article explaining the right steps to set printers for duplex printing.

How Double Side Printing Works?

Before you set your printer for double side printing, understand how this technology works. Just like a post card where on one side mailer’s address is mentioned while on the other side addressee’s detail is printed. Printing publisher shows this single sheet as a two separate pages, and if you printer supports duplex printing, you can use texts to print on both sides as per the text assigned to print either sides of printing. If you have any query related to any steps, contact to our Dell printer support expert.

Set Printer for Both Side Printing

Check whether your printer supports double side printing   

Before you find the settings to enable double side printing on your printer, check whether your printer supports duplex printing or not. To know about this feature, go to file menu and check printer detail where you can see duplex printing, if you find this feature showing over there, then you can set your printer for dual-side printing.If you have any query related to any steps, contact to our Epson printer support expert.

How to Print a Document on Double Side Printing?

To set your printing for double side printing you have to go file menu and print, then select the printer you want to use for printing. Open the publication and paper settings tab and click on arrow under 2-sided printing options to enable your printer for both side production. If you face any problem you can get printer setup support.

How to Print With Printer Not Supporting Both Side Printing?

Many printers featured with double side printing but every time you print the printer will print all documents and stops to ask you to flip the paper that has been printed to print on the other side. But you can manually also printing on both sides of a sheet, and to use in this way you have to take help by printer technical support technicians.