Secure Your Wireless Printer Access Wireless printer provides a wireless connectivity of printing to multiple devices. It is very useful as well very risky if not secured properly to protect from unauthorized access. To install wireless printer with complete protection is very important to reduce the risk of privacy theft.

Change Default Password with New

Many wireless printer setup comes with preset password that can be easily cracked by the hacker for unauthorized use. To protect this password from hacking or unauthorized access you should change the password with new one with unique combination of alphanumeric letters.

Activate Firewall Security

Using printer through Wi-Fi, you have to enable firewall security feature that helps to protect from any unauthorized access. Activating firewall security also protects users to open restricted websites. You can also take printer tech support completely secured with firewall protection for your computer network and wireless internet access.

Turn-off Broadcasting of Network

Generally every Wi-Fi network broadcast the name of network called SSID to other people looking to connect their device. If you not turn off your broadcasting network, anyone can easily search your Wi-Fi printer and access the connection without any permission. And unauthorized access can increase the wastage of printed papers.

Mac Address Filter to Restrict Access

Wi-Fi setup has Mac address that help to identify each computer machine that is connected with network. Using the Mac address any connected device can be reconnected without asking the permission from the owner. Hence, to install printer on mac you have to activate the Mac address filter setting and protect your Wi-Fi network.

Install Additional Security Devices

Besides this, you can also add another layer of security to your Wi-Fi printer. Contact printer technical support and connect security application available especially for Wi-Fi network access protection. It also helps to completely protect your wireless network from unauthorized access with safe browsing of internet across the devices.