Lexmark is a well-known manufacturer of printers in the world. It mainly develops laser printers which come in both wireless and wired versions. Lexmark printers can be connected to any computer system via a broadband network as well as Wi-Fi network. All Lexmark printer models amaze their users with a user-friendly interface, high-quality features, and budget-friendly price range. If you are using Lexmark printer then You will look for an expert’s help to troubleshoot Lexmark Printer Error code 242 and 241 to resume your printing job as before.


How to fix Lexmark printer error code 241 or 242?

  • Take out the paper plate
  • Lift it up to gain admittance to the bottom of the printer
  • Take out the two rollers from the bottom and clean them legitimately with dry material
  • Flip them back to front and set them back into their particular positions
  • Put the plate back inside the printer
  • Try to take an example print to check whether the issue is settled or not

On the off chance that the error message still shows up, you can apply another technique which is clarified beneath.

  1. Take out the paper plate
  2. Remove any stuck sheets or piece of paper from that point
  3. Reinstall the paper plate inside the printer and begin printing once more

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