Printer is machinery cum electronic product needs extra care and maintenance to ensure its proper functioning. Though, despite regular upkeep technical problems can occur with any type of printers including inkjet, Laser Jet and wireless print machines.

Complex issues need help of professionals who usually work for printer technical support service providers working to fix such tech problems. Though, few common issues you can solve yourself that are discussed below but make sure you are confident to do that carefully.

Initial Basic Checkups    

When your printer stop working, first thing check the power supply, connection with your computer and paper sheets loaded in your printer. To make sure this setup restart your printer check connection and check the paper is kept in the right try or inserted properly. You can also get printer setup support to configure printer properly.

Paper Jam – Most Common Problem

Most frequent problem, paper jam can happen with any brand or type of printer. If a paper stuck in a try or spooler, you just need to open the cover and pull the paper manually using your hand. To avoid paper jam problem you should be careful about few things like load paper in tray properly, check a piece of paper, remove obstructing materials and check damaged paper rollers. If problem persists then call to printer repair service.

Printing Jobs Trapped in Print Queue

If you not able to print from your computer and your print command stuck in a print queue. Suspended print jobs not allow printing further documents unless you clear the queue. And in such situation you cannot delete or cancel the print job. You should take printer help from expert technicians who will clear your print jobs and help you to solve this problem.

Slow Printing or Unaligned Prints

If your printing is taking more than usual time to print a document, it means it is running slower that can also affects the quality of printing. Such issues occur mainly due to spooler problem which also disturb the alignment of the printer. Check the spooler and update controlling software like driver through printer driver support offered by technicians to find other issues that can affect the speed or performance of your printer.