Your Epson printer has an inbuilt technology with which it takes an estimate of ink left in cartridges. This is the feature that helps you figure out when to refill cartridges, when to clean the print heads and so on. But in cases when you have recently refilled the ink, in continuous ink system or in cases of sudden change to photo printing format, Epson printer hardly recognises the change.

Reset the Ink Levels on an Epson

You have to be aware about such situations and know beforehand How to Reset the Ink Levels on an Epson printer.

Epson printer ink notations can be reset in different levels with some simple methods. We have put up a list of steps you have to follow. In case you need some more help and personalised suggestions, call our helpline number.

Essential steps to Reset the Ink Levels on an Epson:

  1. Turn off your printer and wait for at least 2 minutes before you turn on the printer again.
  2. Press and hold the Paper source, Paper feed and Eject buttons while the printer is turning on.
  3. When you release the buttons, you will see the display reading “Settings”. If it doesn’t, repeat the process or call our customer support.
  4. If you are successful in the last step, press downwards arrow button till the option “Clear counters” appear. Select it.
  5. Again press the downwards arrow button to select “Main tank” . Press Eject or Enter button to save the changes.
  6. Eject the ink cartridges from the locked tray
  7. Open lids of all the cartridges one by one and then keep them back locked in the compartment like before. Now connect to your computer and use it normally.

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