Epson started manufacturing Epson Stylus C88  printer in 2005. It is a basic inkjet printer which offers a simple user interface and prints on several types of paper. If your Epson Stylus C88 printer is causing problem while printing, then get in touch with our team to reset the Epson Stylus C88.

Reset the Epson Stylus C88

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Every Epson printer has an internal waste ink pad which collects the wasted ink during the process of printing. When these ink pads run out of ink, your printer will automatically stop working. It will start sending you warning messages and will refuse to function.

Some of the error messages that users encounters:

  • Epson C88 printer’s LCD screen shows this message “The Printer’s ink pads at the end of their service life.”
  • Your printer is getting a red light blinking error.

You can try to reset your Epson C88 printer manually to resolve this problem. You could do this manually by following our instructions provided by our experts.

Read the instructions to reset your Epson C88 printer manually:

  • You should hold down the power button for five seconds until the green beside it flashes twice
  • Turn off the power by pressing the power button again
  • Now you can unplug your printer cable from the back of the printer
  • You should wait for at least 20 seconds and then turn on the printer by plugging it back.

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