Reset HP Printer Inkjet Cartridge is the most common issues for HP Printer users. HP printer will not at all print if one or both of the cartridge indicators light start flashing or even if it’s showing flame, it still won’t blink. According to HP printer Support professionals, even if you can work with it, it should begin with a self-test first, then after printing out the results of the new self-test, it will further result in the exit process as wells.

Steps to Reset HP Printer Inkjet Cartridge

Step 1: Turn on the Printer

  • Turn on the printer and then wait for a while till the initialization process is complete.

Step 2: Working with the cover

  • Open and then carefully close the cover, the cartridge to make the cartridge position automatically into the middle.

Step 3: Removal step

  • Removal of the cartridge is essential from the house 802 black cartridge section.

Step 4: Unplug section

  • Users are advised by a experts to unplug the power cord to position the HP cartridge in the middle state.

Step 5: Cleaning of the cartridge

  • When the printer is in “off” state, reinsertion of  the cartridge 802 black is necessary, but do remember that to clean the cartridge in order to make it run, you are required to refill it with the clean paper towels.
  • Pin contact section should be cleaned out properly and also other debris should be cleaned out.

Step 6:  Working with the black refill

  • Black refill is always in its default printer state with approximately only 3ml quantity.

Step 7: Working with the manual instruction

  • Slide into your manual hand cartridge system along with the house directly to the left side of it
  • Next, you are required to close the back cover of the HP cartridge.
  • Replacement of the power cord as well as the USB is essential to restart the printer thereafter.
  • At last, you are completed with the process of resetting the HP cartridge

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