Epson TX121 Stylus Printers give the high-quality copy, print, and scanning facility. When the printer cartridges are out of ink, then individuals can use just one ink cartridge, and they don’t have to modify/change all of them just the one out of ink. The Epson printers have good capacity to prints a no maximum limit; and this is often rare to note, since if the printer has been producing molds as much certain amount (as per the printer type).

If the Epson TX121 Stylus Printers limit mold that has reached the maximum limit of the indicator will flash all, when check the printer information submitted that the ink is not detected, so that the printer cannot be used for the indicator and the number of prints will be based on the number Counter Pad Printing process that has been set by the company Epson on Cmos Chipset Mainboard Epson Printer TX121. Thus, things can be done through reset the printer software. Then here, the blog will guide that Reset Epson TX121 Stylus Printer, so the users just need to follow the below steps will help in resetting Epson TX121 Stylus Printer efficiently.

Step to Reset Epson TX121 Stylus Printer

Step 1:- Download Software

First, the users just need to download the software to reset the printer Epson Stylus TX121. Or the users can download file “AdjProg reset tool” for Epson Stylus TX121 reset. Or users can prefer another tool, as their choice.

Step 2:- Unzipped File

When the file is downloaded, the users will see it’s a zip package, it has to be unzipped and to do so it is recommended for users to use WinRAR.

Step 3:- Run the File

After unzipping the file, the users will need to double click on the file in order to run this file. This can do by right-clicking on the file and then click the “run” option for running it.

Step 4:- Verify Display Message

Next, the user will need to check a message which will be displayed on the screen, indicating that this program is for free and then click on “Accept” button.

Step 5:- Choose the Option

Then, the users will see a dialog box, where they need to have chosen is the option “Select” which is located on the top right of the screen.

After then, again a dialog window will be displayed that allows users to choose the port the printer is plugged to. Then, also, select the “Auto Select” option and click on “OK” button.

Step 6:- Select the Model Name

  • Next, the users will see a new dialog box “Epson Adjustment Program” that’s mentioned in Model Name the name of the reset, which users are trying to install will be shown. Then there is no need to modify the “Destination” part, and in “Port” section, choose the default option is “Auto Select” by clicking on the drop-down menu list.

  • Then, tap “OK” button.

  • In the new dialog window, select “Particular Adjustment Mode” option.

Step 7:- Choose the Waste Ink Pad Counter

The user’s needs have to be really careful to select the option, ensure don’t choose the other options, which is not recommended through this process.

Next, the users will have to select “Waste Ink Pad Counter” and then click on “OK” button to continue.

Step 8:- Select “CHECK,” and Verify Process To Complete

  • Now, click on “CHECK” in order to verify that everything is correct

  • Click on “ACCEPT”, then “INITIALIZATION”, and then click on “FINISH” to complete the process of resisting the printer.

  • Therefore, after performing the procedure or follow the steps, as given above, in case if users need help, then they contact us.

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