Manual guide to Reset Epson Printer Wireless Settings offered by certified technician. The New Epson Printer Wireless printers now have their own email address access process for users who are working with it. The device according to Epson Printer Customer Support professionals lets user’s print, email photos as well as files to the printer from any device, no matter where they are. One can easily change their printer’s email address and turn it on in an Approved Senders List to make printing even more secure.

Steps to Reset Epson Printer Wireless Settings- Manual Guide

Step 1: Reset the Epson printer.

  • Turn off the printer.
  • Hold down the power-on button and then tap down the push button in the small pinhole which is just near to the Ethernet plug for at-least 5 seconds. The reset button will be confirmed with a small print out.

Step 2: Enable the DHCP

  • Plug in the computer into the EPSON printer by using an Ethernet cable.
  • To get access to the printer set-up screen, one needs to change the computer’s IP address on temporary basis as suggested by Epson printer Repair & Support professionals. It is essential to note down the current settings before changes are made to change this back at the end of the set-up process. One needs to change the following settings:
  1. Connection method: Manual/Static IP
  2. IP Address: – the last 3 digits can be any number between 1-254, except 168.
  3. Subnet Mask:
  4. Router/Default Gateway:
  5. Next, you need to follow the steps given below for the specific type of operating system
  • In the Internet browser, just navigate to specific IP address. This will easily open the printer setup.
  • Under the configuration menu, just select the TCP/IP protocol. Change the ‘Get IP Address’ setting into the ‘Auto’ icon and click on the ‘Submit’ option.  A message will appear on the screen confirming all the modifications being done till now and the printer will reboot.
  • Reset the computer’s IP address back to its original setting format. To do this, users need to follow the step 2 but all the settings should be noted down first. It will further enable user’s computer to connect to the the network again.
  • Plug your printer back into the modem/router instead of into your computer.

Step 3: Test the printer

  • To confirm that users have set up the printer accurately, one needs to complete this test carefully.
  • Make sure that the printer is turned on properly.
  • Hold down the push button for at-least 3 seconds
  • The printer will print out all the current network settings further.
  • Check for the number in the ‘IP Address’ section.
  • If the message shows (NONE) or anything which starts with the specific IP address then checking of the  printer whether it is connected to the network or not is an essential task. After few seconds, try working with the step 1 again.
  • If this shows anything then the printer has been successfully set up.

Step4: Connecting the printer to the device

  • If users are working with the RedTagPOS on a computer, they need to install the printer drivers from Epson’s official website.

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