A printer self-test is a page which prints on pressing multiple buttons on the printer. Whenever you run the self-test on a printer, it will provide you with a page that demonstrates the ability of the printer.  It also contains all the technical information about your printing device such as printers name, memory, status log information.

Perform a Self-Test on an Epson Inkjet Printer

All these information can be used to look up the problem codes and the print settings. It is easy to perform a self-test on an Epson Inkjet printer. But users are unaware of the exact procedure and this results in various other errors as well.  Instead of being disappointed, opt for our reliable support services and get your queries sorted. Our experts will provide you with the most trusted solutions that will help you to rectify your worries from the core.

Perform a self-test on an Epson Inkjet printer: Try the following steps

  • Turn on your printer and ensure that the lamp lights are on when you press the power button. Once you are sure that it works, turn off it back.
  • Check your model number which is stated in front of the printer.
  • Press the Alt button for few seconds while powering on the stylus color.
  • Press load option and the power switch for Stylus Color Pro, Pro XL, 400, 600, 800 or 1520.
  • Simultaneously press cleaning option for Stylus Color 200.
  • Press eject option to print the next test page after the first page is printed.
  • Simultaneously power on and push the color cleaning button for Stylus Color 500.
  • Simultaneously power on and push “LF/FF” for Stylus Color 3000.
  • While powering on for TM models press the feed button.

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