Installing a HP printer without an installation disk is not a difficult task on most of the latest operating systems. Irrespective of the operating system such as MS Windows or Mac OS X, the printer driver installation is hassle free even without an installation disk. If you need instant technical assistance to download printer drivers then contact our HP printer technical support.

Below are the steps provided by the expert technicians from HP printer customer service team to install a HP printer without the installation disk?

Method 1: For MS Windows OS

  • Plug the HP printer into your PC through the USB port and wait for the printer driver installation to starts automatically.
  • If your HP printer does not connect through USB, then you will require downloading the HP printer driver from the HP website.
  • If you plug the HP printer and the printer driver does not installed automatically, then you need to opt for the manual installation.
  • To perform manual installation you need to go to the Control Panel by clicking on the Start menu and then click on the “Devices and Printers”. Now click on the “Add a printer” button and MS Windows OS will look for the printer.
  • Choose your HP printer from the list of printers to starts the installation process.

Method 2: For Mac OS X

  • In Mac OS X, you require to click on the Apple menu and choose “System Preferences”. Click on the “Print & Fax” and then “+” button at the upper of the printer list.
  • Choose your new printer in the printer list to initiates the installation procedure.

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