To Fix W-02 Epson Printer Error Code which is a result of the paper jam problem as you are working with the printer device. Other issues such as improper feeding of the paper into machine and paper does not properly are ejected. But you should not be worried about the error as of now Epson Printer Technical Support Service provider is available in your service to assist you with proper explanation. You can also go through the blogs steps or connect with experts.

Steps to Fix W-02 Epson Printer Error Code

Step 1: Solve the issues of “Paper Does Not Feed Correctly”

In case of paper is not placed accurately you are suggested to remove it from the sheet feeder. The next thing which is needed is simply to reload it against the right side, right behind the tab. Now you are requested to press in the tab which is found located on the left edge and slide it little more against the paper. In case you have placed multiple pages at a time then, it is suggested to remove the paper from the sheet feeder and is needed to fan the edges to separate the sheets. Reload it later as it is highly recommended to load up-to certain amount of sheets. It is required to make use of all new, smooth, high-quality paper quality to load the printable side up. Be careful not to load the paper with holes punched in it for the purpose of insertion in a binder.

Step 2: Clear out all paper Jam

Gently pull out all the jammed paper from the output tray. Check whether the paper is stuck inside the device or not and turn off the Epson printer. Lift up the scanner and then, remove the jammed paper or any kind of torn pieces by lowering out the scanner. Now turn on the printer again.

Step 3: Check for any ejected paper issue

In case the paper doesn’t eject from the printer machine completely then, try to set the desired paper size. Now, carefully press the “Start” button and open up the scanner to remove the paper swiftly. By selecting the appropriate paper size try reprinting. Load new papers to check in case papers have been found jammed.

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