Printer not activated – error code 20 is an error which might appear when you are upgrading your Windows XP or Vista to Windows 7. This new operating system terminates the HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG\Software key in the registry settings from your system. This means that the entries are not updated. We understand you need quick and reliable solutions. And so, our printer repair engineers can assist you with how to fix printer not activated error code 20 problem.

Fix Printer Not Activated Error Code 20

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What Are The Reason Behind Printer Not Activated Error Code 20?

Here are some very common issues which cause your printer to face error code 20 printer not activated:

  • The printer on which you are working is not set as the default printer
  • The printer driver is not active or not connected properly
  • Error in the device manager of your P.C
  • System Registry File Error

To fix printer not activated error code 20, you need to make sure that the set up of your Printer is correct. Damaged or corrupt printer drivers may also cause this issue.

How to Fix your Printer Not Activated Error code 20?

Here we suggest two best method how to fix printer not activated error code 20. Follow each and every step carefully to resolve your issues.

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 Method-1: Open Printers and Faxes from the menu bar first. Then, search for your desired printer icon. Right-click on your printer icon and then click on Set as Default Printer. Then click on the  Print Test Page to print a Windows self-test page.

Method-2:In this method, you just have to uninstall your USB Composite Device and then reconnect your USB cables. After that, again open your Print Test Page as it was explained in method-1 and allow the window to self-test page.

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After doing so, close all the windows and try to print from the application which you were using before.Hope the above steps guide you in how to fix printer not activated error code 20. If you still have any issues, contact Printer Support specialists to get the best solutions instantly.