The printer driver plays a vital role to establish a proper connection between user’s computer and the printer by relaying desired commands to guide the printer about how and what to print. But, often we may come across error which is commonly known as error in printer drivers. A wide number of reasons may come across such due to corrupt issues or incompatibility faults, inaccurate settings and missing important updates. Often according to expert guidance, these types of error can easily be fixed by updating, installing or reinstalling the driver components. Let’s move ahead to few essential steps to fix printer driver error now.

Steps to troubleshoot printer driver error

Step1: Finding the right driver and installing them accurately

  • The very first is simply to download and then, install the driver. For this, users need to restart the computer after they are done with the installation phase of the new driver.
  • Next, reinstalling the driver software which came with the printer is fairly an easy task. What you need to do is to insert the disc in the disc drive and follow all the instructions which will appear on the screen

Step2: Updating the driver

  • The next deals with updating the driver with the help of Windows Update. Once it’s done, the Windows Update will download and then install all recommended updates for the printer. Now to work with the update process, perform the below steps:
  1. a) Press the “Start” icon which can be found in the bottom left corner of the computer screen. A popup menu will appear in front of you.
  2. b) Type carefully the “Update” text in the “Search bar” section, and you will be given a list of results. Depending on the Windows version, select “All Programs” icon from the first popup menu list.
  3. c) Tap on the “Windows Update” and then, in the left section, hit the “Check for updates” icon. Now choose “Select the updates you want to install” page, followed by tapping on the “OK” icon.
  4. d) Hit on the “Install updates” icon which is located in the Windows Update page. The next thing one needs to do is to click on the “View available updates” icon and then tap on the “Install” icon for the driver you wish to install

Step3: Password confirmation

  • Now provide a password for the confirmation when prompted to do so. This will define the authorization process to make this type of change.
  • After the completion of process, a box will pop-up, which will show that the printer driver has been installed correctly.

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