The Print Unable 76 Fuser Error Code in Brother MFC Printer is associated with the center thermostat reading a quick temperature rising failure. This error can be caused by a few different types of problems, includes foreign object, like a paper clip, ripped piece of paper, stuck in the Brother Printer, or Mechanical malfunction in the Printer area, or even often occur when a sudden power outage where the Printer gets turned off, then the main board gets confused and think the Brother Printer in sleep mode and at X temperature when the Printer is at a ready temperature. Thus the Brother Printer reads it as a user error. So, what are the reasons behind the occurrence of this error! As it can be resolved easily with a simple reset of the Brother Printer in Maintenance Mode area of the Printer. Here, the blog will guide you on Fix Print Unable 76 Fuser Error Code in Brother MFC 8480 / 8890 Printer with the simple troubleshooting steps. Then you only need to do follow the steps to fix it.

Steps to Print Unable 76 Fuser Error Code in Brother MFC Printer

Step 1:- Perform the Manual Reset Procedure

Follow the instructions below for the manual reset procedure.

For Maintenance Mode, you have two ways to do this:-

First Way: –

Hold down the “Menu” button and then turn the Printer on while holding down. Once the display reads Maintenance, then you have to press ( 9, 9 ) button, and then the Brother printer will reset automatically.

Second Way:-

  • You should try to press the Menu Buttons,*,2,8,6,4.
  • Once you did it correctly, then it will display read Maintenance and the lights all the display will blink.
  • Next Press Button 9 twice (9,9 ). Then the Printer will exit out of maintenance mode and then start the normal warm-up procedure.
  • Make sure 99% of the time it will fix the problem, and the other 1% of the time you will need to replace the fusing assembly.
  • Then you should try to do Service Manual Instructions, either by Replace the Fusing Assembly or by Replace the Main Board PCB.

Now check the error is resolved. If not, then go to the next step.

Solution 2:- Check For Foreign Objects & Paper Jams

  • Lift the scanner cover, and find inside the Printer for any jammed paper or foreign objects. Then remove any objects or paper found.
  • Then leave the scanner OPEN and turn the Printer, and then see the backside of the Printer.
  • Next, open the Jam Clear Cover, and seem to be inside the Printer for the paper.
  • Remove any jammed paper found.
  • Then close the Jam Clear Cover and then turn the machine back around to the front.
  • Softly close the scanner cover and confirm the Brother Printer error code 76 cleared from the display.
  • If the Brother Printer error code 76 in Brother MFC 8480 / 8890 Printer is still appearing, then unplug the brother printer from the power outlet for 3-4 seconds and plug it back into the cycle the power.

Or if the Brother Printer error code 76 is cleared, then continue following these steps.

Print a Print Quality Check Sheet (PQCS) to test the machine:

  1. Click “MENU” option.
  2. Now Click “OK” to select Ink.
  3. Click “OK” to select Test Print.
  4. Now Click “OK” to select Print Quality.
  5. Click “COLOR” to start.

If the PQCS successfully prints, then this issue is resolved. If it does not print, then maybe there is memory issue due to this Brother Printer inability to print. Your printer may require service.

Then you should connect with the Brother Printer tech support team to fix it.

Dial Brother Printer Technical Support Number For Immediate Online Help:-

Dial Brother Printer Support Number +1 800-824-4518, to connect with the team of certified and experienced technicians and get quick online help for resolving this error or other issues relating to the brother printers. Our brother Printer technical support team is available 24×7 days to your assistance. Hence, call now, and receive correct and instant solutions to Brother Printer technical problems by experts.