Protection is an essential factor for all of us related to any device and especially when it is about printers. So, the same thing applies for password protect issues in the printer. The problem may arise due to incorrectly setting up of password or issues related to users’ account. Below are steps explained to Fix Password Protect Issue In Epson Printers.

Steps to Fix Password Protect Issue In Epson Printers

Step 1: Setting up of an accurate password

Installation of a commercial program will further allow users to protect the printer with the help of password to avoid getting restricted while performing any type of printing jobs. Print lock here will work with any of the printer, connected to a Windows PC by asking users to set a password whenever a document is in proceeds to the printer. Installation of the software on the printer device is recommended to be able to connect to the printer when a user is wishing to protect the device. When prompted, enter the password. Users, next time will be prompted to a password dialog box. The print job will not complete until the correct password is entered as suggested by Epson Printer Support professionals

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Step 2: Restricting user’s account

While working with Epson printers, user account comes with a password which needs to be set which can easily be done by locking out all other users. Now, log in as an administrator users and click the Start, Printers & Faxes option. Search for the printer which users wishes to protect as well as right-click the ‘Properties’ icon. Click to choose the ‘Security tab”, and a ‘security setting’. Now, highlight the type of account in the “Group or User Names” section to ensure that all of the boxes under “Allow’ icon are properly checked. At last, simply highlight the “Everyone in the Group or User Names” icon to ensure that all the boxes under the “Deny’ icon are fully checked.

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