The issues arises when users are upgrading firmware. Also, there is every possibility that connection issues are generating between the PC and printer. Internet connection issues are one of the most obvious causes of it. So, fix Kodak printer does not power on issues by approaching our prompt solution.  Let us focus on below solutions to help you out in fixing this specific problem.

Methods to fix Kodak printer does not power on issue are as follows

Method 1: Try this method and check whether the issue is resolved or not?
Step 1: If the printer does not power on automatically after the firmware upgrade then, perform below guidelines as instructed by Kodak Printer Support technicians:

  1. Do ensure that the power cord is plugged in to the printer in a secured mode while keeping LED on the power adapter illuminated.
  2. To fix Kodak printer does not power on issue, we recommend users to press the power button which can be found in the printer control panel. Turn the printer device on.

Step 2: If the printer does not turn on, here is another process to upgrade the firmware

  1. Do ensure that the PC device is properly connected to the Internet and next thing is to open up the “Home Center Software”. Make sure that the computer is communicating smoothly with your printer.
  2. The printer name and “connected” message will appear in the bottom left corner of the Home Center Software window. Users are requested to click on “Tools and Documentation” icon based on the software version.
  3. Tap on “Check for Printer (Firmware) Updates” icon and have a check whether an option known as “There are no firmware updates available” appears? Your printer is ready for use with the updated firmware. But if there are updates available, users are supposed to follow all on-screen instructions to update the printer firmware.

Method 2: If the error continues, upgrade the printer software:

  • To fix Kodak printer does not power on issue, switch off the printer device with the help of power button, located on the printer control panel section.
  • Restart the computer device and try to locate to choose the software download for the operating system.
  • Now, carefully follow all needed instructions to install the printer software.
  • However, if users are working with the wireless printers, they should try to connect their printer with a high-speed USB 2.0 cable instead of network connection.
  • Follow all the above steps located in the check box and upgrade your firmware.

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