Error Code 1200 on Lexmark Printer X4270 indicates a cartridge problem. The error is generally occurring either when a cartridge is bad or the printer cartridge Slot is bad. The other causes due to happen this error for various reasons include a cartridge carrier stall, the print cartridges are not snapped incorrectly when the encoder strip is out of place or even a foreign object is blocking the cartridge carrier’s path. So, if you are also experiencing the same problem while working with your Lexmark printer X4270, then you don’t need to panic! Here, the blog will explain you the best troubleshooting steps on Fix Error Code 1200 on Lexmark Printer X4270. Follow the steps to solve the error quickly.

Fix Error Code 1200 on Lexmark Printer X4270:-

Step 1:- Plug In Lexmark Printer

Many times, the Error Code 1200 on Lexmark Printer X4270 occurs due to a hardware error. Then you require following the steps to the task.

  • First, press “Power” button to turn off your Lexmark Printer X4270.
  • Then, unplug your Lexmark Printer from the wall outlet.
  • Now, check for paper jams.
  • Then plug in your Lexmark Printer again.

Now, perform the task by Lexmark Printer and check the error is appearing, if yes, then go to the next step.

Step 2:- Confirm Check Cartridges & Connections 

  • You should try to check your Lexmark Printer cartridges because an empty cartridge can lead to error code 1200.
  • Also, check the cartridge connectors (copper contacts on the front of the cartridge) and printer connectors, which located also in the front of the head. They must be clean in its entirety parts, means; they may not have stains of ink or down that can prevent proper operation.

Step 3:- Ensure Cartridge Carrier is Jammed

Many times, Lexmark Printer has a problem due to the cartridge carrier is jammed. Then you should to the following steps to fix the error.

  • First, press “Power” button to turn off your All-In-One.
  • Then unplug your Lexmark Printer from the wall outlet.
  • Open the Control Panel.
  • Open the cartridge access door.
  • Make sure the cartridges are snapped into place in the carrier.
  • Plug in your All-In-One again.
  • Press Power to turn ON your Lexmark Printer.

Now, check the error is resolved, if yes, then go to the next solution.

Step 4:- Power Light Blinks Twice

The print cartridge carrier might be stalled. Then check your computer screen for error code 1200.

  • Turn off the Lexmark Printer.
  • Then wait a few seconds, and then turn the All-In-One back on.

I hope your Lexmark Printer problem is resolved.

But, if the error code is still persisting, then you should contact with Lexmark Printer tech support techies for immediate help to fix this problem.

Avail 24×7 Online Help, Dial Lexmark Customer Support Phone Number:-

You can dial at Lexmark Customer Support Phone Number, which is available 24×7/365 days to your help. A team of experienced and certified customer support team is always ready to help. The technicians will give you the absolute guidance & support to resolve this issue. In addition, you can acquire qualitative and trustworthy solutions to fix other kinds of Lexmark Printer technical issues or errors. Hence, call now to experts and getting urgent help for Lexmark printer mishaps.