When “The Printer’s Ink Pads at the end of their service life”, the Epson XP-400 End of service life error is generally appears as an error message. It requires immediate action to fix Epson XP-400 End of Service Life Error problem when your device has red light blinking issue.

In Epson Printers, there is an internal Waste Ink Pads responsible for collecting wasted ink while cleaning and printing process. When it reaches its peak point, the printer starts sending warning messages thus refusing to function. The Waste Ink Pads are sponge pads inside the printer that absorbs, collects and adjusts unused ink while in the process of printing, as well as cleaning of the print-head. One bugged by this error, this printer will stop working automatically leaving the printer in that state.

Steps to Fix Epson XP-400 End of Service Life Error

Follow the below mentioned steps to get rid of this error on your own. Our Epson Printer Technical Support Team has made it easier for you to rectify such errors while sitting home by proving best guidance through this blog.

Step 1: Connect the printer Epson XP 400 via USB Cable with the computer.

Step 2: Turn on the printer and wait for it to heat up and get to its ready state.

Step 3:  Choose the printer and reset the required software.

Step 4: Check the counters by clicking on the Read waste counters and perform a thorough check of the page counters of the Epson printer followed by clicking on “Reset waste counters” icon to complete the process.

Step 5: Enter the reset key and click on OK to reset the page counter later. Click on OK icon after the completion of the reset process. Now turn off and turn on again to get with the clearing of waste ink pad counter.

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