The Epson WF- 4630 Wireless Printer Not Printing issue generates due to paper jam, printing quality errors that affects the printer productivity. This problem can also arise due to connection established to other printer. So, below are methods to Fix Epson WF 4630 Wireless Printer Not Printing Issue .

Methods to Fix Epson WF- 4630 Wireless Printer Not Printing Issue

Method 1: Try This First Method to Remove these issues

Power off the printer by first disconnecting the Epson WF-   4630 wireless Printer, computer system, router and wireless access point. Now turn off the device and power it by first connecting to the router, access point, PC and then, the Epson Printer WF-4630. Do ensure that the device is activated. At last, please recheck the printer whether it’s working accurately or not.

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Method 2: Uninstall the Printer Software and Reinstall it Afterwards

Uninstall the Epson printer Software from the computer system. Once you have removed, please re-install the software which should be wireless printer. Go through the Wi-Fi connection setup to have a proper look over the setup process. Wireless credentials are important to work accurately. At last, setup process should be compatible for allowing the printer to print. Run for the test print at last.

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