Designed with redefine photographic print quality Epson Stylus gives you best print results. To fix Epson Pro 4800 Stylus 00010035 Errors you can get connected with our tech professionals by incorporating the latest features in it.  With the further enhancement the print quality will be improved while you are working with the Stylus. But you may come across unexpected error codes such as Epson Pro 4800 Stylus  00010035 Errors and 00010004 in the Pro 4800 model. The reason behind the cause of the error is due to pump phase detection error where the position of the pump cannot be detected even if its motor turns at designated amount. Other reason includes damaged pump Phase Sensor or may be due to completely broken power supply fuse for ASF/Pump Motor driver on the MAIN Board.

The error code indicates that a defect in the motor encoder has occurred at the time of initial operation of power on or during the CR Motor operation.  It is also possible that the encoder pulse signal is not properly placed during intervals. As a result, the message gets displayed by making the printer stop working.  The Epson Pro 4800 Stylus 00010035 error has also occurred due to inverted wiring of A and B pulses as well as the CR Motor.

Steps to troubleshoot Epson Pro 4800 Stylus 00010035 Errors and 00010004 errors

Solution to error 00010035 and 00010004 are as follows:

For 00010035 error code

Check whether or not recovery is possible by turning the power OFF and back ON. If it is the case where the error seems to be recurring, then, it is recommended to replace the Pump Phase Sensor immediately. In order to replace C593 Main Board easily so that it can be repaired by you only easily.

For 00010004 error code

Perform a proper check to see if the CR Scale for detection of the encoder pulse is completely removed or not? The next thing is to have check for any dust particles such as paper dust or if there have been any damage to the CR Scale. Check thoroughly the CR Encoder Sensor connector connection, motor Assy. and the CR connector as well. You need to have a check whether the CR Timing Belt Tension Adjustment is properly done or not? You are advised to replace the CR Encoder Sensor, the Motor Assy., CR 7 as well as the C593 MAIN Board so as to not have future error with the machine.

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