The Epson Printer In Error State issue takes place when there is a problem within the printer. Issues may also arise when the printer is unexpectedly turned on and is connected to the PC by either Wi-Fi or via cables. Other possible reasons such the printer’s cover is completely open and there is a paper jam problem. Below mentioned instructions are accurate guidelines to Fix Epson Wireless Printer In Error State issue.

Steps to Fix Epson Printer in Error State issue

Part 1: Check for Any Kind of Hardware Problems

To get rid of the problem, do ensure that its electrical cord is accurately plugged into an outlet and the power is turned on.  If in any case where the printing is done to a shared printer or on any other networked based printer then, ensure that all of the necessary computers and routers are turned-on too. Well, if the printer is plugged in to a hard protector, it is to ensure that the hardware is plugged in properly and turned on as well. People who are working with the wired printer, should ensure that the wire is well connected from the printer to the PC. Now, run the printer’s wireless connectivity test properly.

Part 2: Working with the Troubleshooter

Before we proceed, you should know that the troubleshooter is an automated tool for fixing up PC issues. So, apply this method while installation as well as connection is being made to the printer.

Part 3: Updating the Printer’s Driver

The error may generate due to obsolete printer driver which is incompatible for previous version of Windows. So, as advised by Epson printer driver support engineers, simply download and install the latest printer driver.

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