The Epson printer error message “Service Req E527“ occurs due to obstruction in the  toner cartridges or may be incapable to rotate it an accurate way. Below we have top methods to Fix Epson printer Error Service Req E527 .

Methods to Fix Epson printer Error Service Req E527

Method 1: Check for the Toner Cartridge of the Printer

It is necessary to check whether the toner cartridge is installed accurately and then, power on the printer at first attempt. Open up the section defined as a “Cover A” section. Sometimes, the Epson printer toner cartridge may not be fully accessible while this error message generates. If it’s not, then close the “Cover A” section and then continue to the next step carefully. If the toner cartridge is not appearing, then try to unlock it and then remove it properly. Keep a watch whether it is possible to remove the toner cartridge or not. Ensure not to install it to avoid technical glitches. Close the “Cover A” part, and wait for the printer to warm up. Installation of the toner cartridge is needed while prompted to do so. Close the “Cover A” section where users will automatically read the “Install X TnrCart” section. Further the letter ‘X’ is K which stands for Black, C for Cyan, M for Magenta or Y for Yellow. Now, have a proper check for the printer whether it is warmed up or not?

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Method 2: Manually Process to Remove all the Toner Cartridges

Close all the covers, and carefully power off the printer. Open up the section named as “Cover B”, and remove the photo conductor unit known as PCU in general. Turn on the toner carousel to easily line up a toner cartridge with the front of the printer. Open the “Cover A”. If the toner cartridge is not in a proper position to remove it then, close the “Cover A” part. Repeat all of the steps that are defined above. Users as suggested by Epson Printer Support professionals remove the toner cartridge next to easily close the “Cover A”. Repetition of all the steps above steps and re-install the PCU.  Close all the covers, and power on the printer carefully. Now, open the “Cover A” section and the “Cover B” section. Check for any paper jam issues, foreign objects or any such damaged parts.  If the obstruction is not easily found, then manually remove it. Close all the covers and restart the printer again. At last, reinstall the toner cartridge and perform a printer test.

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