The E-01 error code is explained as a fatal error which signifies that the printer cannot finish the self-test process. While users are making an attempt power on the printer, it will check for various system faults instantly. Follow steps below to Fix Epson Printer E-01 Error Code with appropriate guidelines.

Steps to Fix Epson Printer E-01 Error Code

Step 1: Unplug the Power Cable

Turn off the printer first to unplug the power cable from the wall outlet for at-least 5 minutes. Power on the printer to perform a proper check whether this issue still persists or not

Step 2: Working with the Transportation lock

According to instructions given by Epson Printer Support engineers, removal of the transportation lock is essential to perform. Now, carefully store the transportation lock

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Step 3: Working with the CD tray

If the CD tray is in the eject position, ensure that you have pressed the CD Tray button to retract it to its storage position. Be careful, not to push or even pull up the CD tray into other position. Turn off the Epson printer next to ensure that the paper is not at all jammed inside the unit section

Step 4: Working With the CISS Feature

If users are working with the CISS feature of the printer then it is suggested to check whether the printer carriage is capable of going left and right easily. The upper scanner part of the printer is tightly closed. An initialization routine will start appearing while users need to run on the “Start Up checks” and the entire unit will start working again before completing the process. While working with the CISS, sometimes all the ink tubes may prevent cartridges to move from left to the right section. So, an original Epson ink cartridges are suggested to use here

Step 5: Disassembling the Printer

Get access to the cartridge loading area when it is not in a running state and move the carriage away from the stop. Well, the paper path comes with advanced sensors, mounted just opposite to the size of the adjustment slide on the paper tray. Now, simply disassemble the printer and clean up all the optical sensors, paper feed sensors, encoder strip as well as the disc encoder.

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