To Fix Epson Printer Carriage Jam Error that has occurred as a result of multiple reasons such as obstructions in the carriage path of the printer, a paper jam issues, and issues encountered with the printer’s software in the attached device such as PC, laptop or etc. Now when you get to know that the occurred error that the carriage is completely stuck and there will be a grinding noise inside the printing because of the actuator arm which is stuck inside. If this actuator arm is destroyed then, it restricts the printer’s carriage from moving swiftly.

Steps to troubleshoot fix Epson Printer Carriage Jam error

Step 1: Solve the hardware problem

  • As in case you came across a ‘carriages jam’ error on your Epson Printer, it is recommended to turn on with no task running.
  • The next step will be to check for any piece of paper whether they are stuck inside the carriage or not. Take off the papers carefully and make sure no paper is torn off while taking out because little bit of paper can easily damage the product when further used.
  • Turn off the printer now and open it to check whether there are any papers stuck inside. You are required to move the carriage to opposite side of as to check for any paper path. Remove any stuck paper inside the path.
  • Reconnect the power cord of the printer device and turn on the printer.

Step 2: Defective hardware

  • Defective hardware a problem is also one of the main causes of the printer carriage jam issue which includes paper feed roller problems and the other one is fuser unit issues. When the paper feed rollers wear out then, multiple sheets of paper may have got stuck resulting in the paper jam.
  • Now if the Fuser unit hardware errors are there then, the issues are applied to laser printers only.
  • With check of two hardware issues which must be solved instantly so as to avoid all the carriage jam future problems

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