When a fault occurs in Waste Inkpad Counter, the blinking light error message appears on Epson Printer 7110. By resetting the ink pad counter stored in the EEProm on the main board of the Epson Printer 7110, one can easily fix Epson Printer 7110 Error Light Blinking. Printers do not only consumes ink for printing purpose only but also for other important operations like cleaning.

During the ink consuming process, a significant amount of ink is wasted and some amount is stored by the waste inkpad. Printers count the number of pages printed, not the amount of waste ink.

Easy Steps To Fix Epson Printer 7110 Error Blinking Light

Solution 1:  Replacement of Waste Ink Pad Counter

Finding EEProm model is a little difficult due to its less availability. However finding the right EEProm which is compatible with your system, one can reset the inkpad and the printer will start working properly.

The best suggestion for users to should go to the next method.

Solution 2: -Resetting Waste Ink Pad Counter by WIC Software

It is one of the most user friendly troubleshooting methods that we have listed down here with the help of our Epson Printer Technical Support team. The user just requires downloading WIC Software for Windows, or Mac. After then follow these steps to reset waste ink pad counter for fixing Epson Printer error light blinking.

Step1: Connect computer to the Internet via cable.

Step2: Connect the printer with computer through USB cable.

Step3: Halt all the print jobs or works and thus turn OFF the printer and then ON again.

Step4: Wait for the paper and ink light of printer blinks alternately.

Step5: Unzip “Waste Ink Pad Reset” Software.

Step6: Run the program wicreset.exe

Step7: Wait until WIC reset software starts.

Step8: Click on Read Waste Counters to verify counter status before performing a reset.

By following any of the above steps, one can easily troubleshoot this blinking error on their own.

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