Epson Printer Error Code W-03 is an error message that come up due to paper jam or paper debris inside the printer. To Fix Epson NX420 W-03 Error Code, one must need to clear the Paper jam in time.

A Paper Jam in printers generally occurs when a piece of paper got struck and create a blockage which later leads to several printing errors. This problem is not a troubling one and can be resolved easily by removing the paper jammed inside the printer. But make sure while doing so, you do not do any internal damage that might increase the problem.

Follow the Below Mentioned Solutions to Fix Epson NX420 W-03 Error Code:

Solution 1: Removing of The ink Cartridges

The first and foremost thing one must need to do is to gently remove the ink cartridges out of the printer. Now check, if any piece of papers or documents are struck inside the printer or not. Turn the printer upside down and shake it well to check.

Solution 2: Pushing of Card-stock Paper to Clear Printing Path

Take a piece of Card-stock paper and gently push it through the printer to clear the printing route. Cardstock paper is heavier than other papers and running it through the printing path clears the route by taking out all the unwanted elements inside the printer.

If the error still persists, follow the Epson Printer Technical Support Blog to find more solutions related to your error.

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Solution 3: Removing of all Epson Modules

Click on the “Start/Printers” button after turning off the printer. Now select the “Faxes” or the “Remove Printer” icon. After doing so, click on “Control Panel” followed by pressing “add/remove software” icon.  Finally click on “Remove All Epson Modules” to end the process.

Solution 4: Re-installation of the Printer

Step 1: Click on “Start/Run” button.

Step 2: Type Epson in the Edit/Find tab.

Step 3: Turn off all the antivirus and malware protection software and disable the internet connection too.

Step 4: Reinstall the Epson software from the disc again.

Step 5: Finally restart you computer to complete the re-installation process.

For Further Information, Call at Epson Printer Customer Support Number:

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