The Epson K100 Adjustment Program resets all the “Waste Ink Pad Counter” feature, and “EEPROM initial settings”. This is a kind of software, developed to enable the printer print process continuously without any error. But, technical issues may happen anytime while working the printers. Below we have steps to Fix Epson K100 Adjustment Program .

Steps to Fix Epson L100 Adjustment Program

Step 1: Connect to the printer

Connecting the printer to the device to start with the extracting process of the “Adjustment program” for Epson K100 is needed as advised by Epson printer support technical team. The next thing is to open get access to the folder, named as “Adjprog file”. Now, click the “Select” option. Now, tap the arrow button to select the “K100” option to proceed further

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Step 2: Initialization phase

Tap the “OK” button and click the “Particular adjustment mode” option. A “Waste ink pad counter” will appear where users need to select the “Waste ink pad counter”.  Click the “OK” option as well as the “Check” icon. Choose the“Main pad counter” icon by clicking on it. At last, click the “Initialization” icon and tap the “finish” option to finish the process

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